Bilingual Primary School

Drop off and collection

Where to enter the school:

All children and parents (other than those at breakfast and after school clubs) will enter and leave via the main gate on the right hand side of the building. 

Drop off times:

  • Breakfast club 8.00am – 8.40am
    Children coming to breakfast club will enter through the main school office.
  • Early drop off 8.40am – 9.00am (no drop off between 9am – 9.10am) Not recommended for children in Reception
    Children for early drop off enter the playground via the gate to the right of the school. Early drop off closes promptly at 9.00am
  • Normal drop off 9.05am – 9. 15am (gate will be locked at 9.15am)
    Parents and carers are able to enter the playground from 9.05am and stay with their child until the classroom doors open at 9.10am. You can drop off any time until 9.15am when the gate will close.


  • Reception & Y1 - 3.20pm
  • Y2, Y3, Y4 & Y5 - 3.30pm

The main gate will be opened at 3.15pm and parents will be able to walk round the school to the classroom doors.

Children will be handed to their parents from their classroom doors.


Changes to morning drop off arrangements - September 2017

Following long and careful discussions with the governors, and having consulted with Brighton and Hove Council, we will be implementing changes for children’s arrival at school from September 2017 when we shall no longer be operating the current early drop off arrangement.

The window for bringing children to school will be 8.55am - 9.15am. During this time, parents and carers can either drop off their children at the gate or take them directly to their classrooms (but see also Breakfast Club below). There will be no facility for an early drop off at 8.40 am.

We hope that by giving you 6 months’ notice of this change of arrangement it will enable you to plan effectively for September.

The reason for this change reflects the fact that the system is not sustainable.

Governors have a statutory duty to ensure that funding from the Education Funding Agency to schools is spent judiciously to support the education of the children.

The cost of providing this early drop off service for parents and carers (paying the Teaching Assistants for this additional time) does not meet this requirement, as it offers no educational benefit.

We recognise that some families will still need to drop off their children before the normal school start time. We are therefore expanding our Breakfast Club provision to accommodate any family for whom this is necessary. Additionally, we shall be reducing the cost of the provision to £2.50 per child per day from September (£2.00 per child per day for families with siblings in the school). The current price is £3.70 per day.

Breakfast Club will be open from 8am-8.55am and children may be dropped off any time during this period. Food will be provided from 8:00 am until 8:40 am. This generally includes cereal, toast and fruit. Food allergies can be accommodated. At 8.55am the children will be taken to their classrooms.

Finally, it may be helpful to note that the arrangement for some families to drop off their children to school early was put in place whilst the school was on the BACA site. It was intended to be a temporary measure which acknowledged the extra distances many parents had to travel to school – and it was always planned that this would be reviewed once were in our permanent site.

The arrangement, from September 2017, will be more in line with duration of the drop off window of other primary schools in the city.