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Extra-Curricular Provision

We recognise the vital contribution played by the wider curriculum, public performance and involvement in City wide events to the education and development of children. These events support and extend children’s sense of engagement in, or attachment to, the school and their community as well as supporting confidence and self-esteem. Through these children can become involved in new and diverse activities.

We have identified the key events in which children at the Bilingual Primary School will be involved. The programme has been designed taking age, availability of space and organisational issues into consideration and ensures we have a fair and transparent ‘offer’ which covers the seven years the children will be at the school. It is something that works now (while we are still relatively small) and will be sustainable as we grow to full capacity.

Rationale for staggering end of term performances and school/ City events

  • In the 2018-19 school year lunchtime runs from 12.30pm to 1.40pm with children in the hall for the majority of the time. As the school grows to its full capacity of 620 it is likely this will increase to two hours. This means that, as time goes on, the availability of the hall will be reduced and that any activities requiring the hall (including PE) will need very careful timetabling.  We always aim to prioritise PE to ensure that, as far as possible, children never miss out on this vital part of the curriculum.
  •  The result of this is that there will be a finite amount of hall time available for rehearsals (essential to produce anything of quality) and it is impossible to allocate sufficient time for rehearsals for two or three different shows. For this reason, we can only have one show in the rehearsal stage at any one time.
  • The limited availability of the hall means that we are able to allocate rehearsal time for 1 performance at a time – one at Christmas for Y1 and Y2, one at Easter for Y3 and Y4 and a Y6 leavers' performance in the summer term.
  • The fire regulations state the capacity of the hall as 391 and this must not be exceeded. This means that a performance for two year groups of three classes (allowing for two seats per child) may need to run three times.

Description of events

The Dome: Evening Christmas singing and music event for all Y5 and 6 children in Brighton & Hove.

Let’s Dance: Evening event running over 3 nights for all Brighton & Hove Schools. Open to any year group but limited places available to each school.

Children’s Parade: Open to all schools locally. Each school is allocated a specific number of adults to accompany the children – parents are no longer able to walk with their children. For this reason, we have made the parade an event for slightly older children. In line with many other large schools we have identified a year group to be involved so that the numbers are manageable. We will take part every year.

Soundmakers: One term's whole class tuition provided to every school by the Brighton & Hove music service

Extra-Curricular ‘Offer’ for each year group

Year Reception

  • Bedtime Story Early Evening Event

Year One

  • Christmas Performance

Year Two

  • Christmas Performance
  • Soundmakers

Year Three

  • Easter Performance
  • Children’s Parade
  • Swimming Lessons

Year Four

  • Easter Performance
  • Athletics

Year Five

  • The Dome
  • Let’s Dance
  • Athletics/Cross Country
  • Football Teams
  • Hove Lagoon

Year Six

  • Leaver’s Event
  • The Dome
  • Athletics/Cross Country
  • Football and Netball Teams
  • Residential Trip
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