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Extra-Curricular Provision

We recognise the vital contribution played by the wider curriculum, public performance and involvement in City-wide events to the education and development of children. These events support and extend children’s sense of engagement in, or attachment to, the school and their community as well as supporting confidence and self-esteem. Through these children can become involved in new and diverse activities. 

We have identified key events in which children at the Bilingual Primary School will be involved. The programme has been designed taking age, availability of space and organisational issues into consideration and ensures we have a fair and transparent ‘offer’ which covers the seven years the children will be at the school.  

Year Reception 

  • Christmas Performance  

    Year One 
  • Christmas Performance 

    Year Two 
  • Music Performance 

    Year Three 
  • Music Performance 
  • Brighton Festival Children’s Parade 

    Year Four 
  • Music Performance 
  • Swimming Lessons 
  • Athletics Event 

    Year Five 
  • Brighton Centre Christmas Singing Event 
  • Let’s Dance at the Brighton Dome 
  • Athletics/Cross Country Events 
  • Football Team 

    Year Six 
  • Leaver’s Event 
  • The Dome 
  • Athletics/Cross Country Events 
  • Football Team  
  • Netball Team 
  • Residential Trip 
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