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School Meals

Due to Covid-19, in September children requesting hot school meals will be provided a packed lunch each day, this will be reviewed at October half term.

We are currently looking at our options for caterers for October, this went out to tender earlier in the year.  We will be working with our caterers to provide a variety, however, we cannot provide a menu at this stage. We will let you know as soon as we know more. 


School meal Information updated 8/7/20

School Meal Sept 2020-July 2021


We are preparing numbers for our catering team for September and would be grateful if you could let us know if you plan on changing your child’s meal preference.

Due to Covid-19, in September children requesting hot school meals will be provided a packed lunch each day, this will be reviewed in October half term.

If you are making no change to your meal preferences, you do not need to contact the office (apart from Y2 moving up to Y3 - please see below). Your current preference will be carried over to the next academic year.


Changing Meal Options

To change your child’s meal option for September 2020 please email the office by 14/07/2020 (apart from Y2 moving up to Y3 - please see below)

Parents wishing to opt out of or into school meals will need to do so by giving 2 weeks’ notice by email prior to the end of any ½ term. If due notice is not given, the next ½ term cost of meals becomes due for payment as BPS is invoiced based on the numbers provided to our caterers at this point. 


Y2 moving up to Y3 ONLY – September 2020 – deadline 14/07/2020

Please use the form in ParentMail to tell us if your child will have school meals or packed lunch in September. If you do not reply by the deadline of 14/07/2020 then your child will be automatically moved over to packed lunches in September.


Benefit Related Free School Meals

You may be entitled to free school meals – you can apply through Brighton and Hove City Council. Please click on the link for further information. https://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/children-and-education/schools/free-school-meals


Meal Costs – Y3 - Y6 ONLY (Reception to Year 2 receive Universal Free Meals) - deadline 14/07/2020

Below is listed the six school terms, number of school days in each and the amount due for school meals. Please note that there are another 3 INSET days to be scheduled which will affect the costs listed below:

Apart from September (further details to follow) payments will be due the first day of term (shown in bold below))


Term 1                  07/09/20 - 23/10/20         (35 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal  = £81.55

Term 2                  02/11/20 - 18/12/20         (35 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal = £81.55

Term 3                  04/01/21 - 12/02/21         (30 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal  = £69.90

Term 4                  22/02/21 - 01/04/21         (29 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal  = £67.57

Term 5                  19/04/21 - 28/05/21         (29 school days excluding 1x BH)@ £2.33 per meal  = £67.57

Term 6                  07/06/21 – 23/07/21        (35 school days) @ £2.33 per meal = £81.55


Further information can be found on our website.  If you have any difficulties setting up ParentMail, please contact the school office as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Elaine Meredith

Business Manager

Menu 1 & 2 - Spring & SummerMenu 3 & special - Spring & Summer


If you believe you meet the above criteria, you can apply for free school meals by contacting Brighton & Hove Council via their website: 


Pease note: the school cannot process free school meals applications, so you will have to apply directly the council. Once we receive notification from the council, we will contact you to confirm that your son/daughter has been set up for free meals at BPS. 

Menus - 24th February to end of summer term

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