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School Meals

School meals at BPS

We are absolutely thrilled that Olé Olé, a Brighton based tapas restaurant, is providing our school meals. This is after a rigorous tender process, which saw their application reviewed by a panel of five Governors.  Please see an introduction from Olé Olé below.

Chefs @ BPS

Jorge Rodriguez and Karim Larbi have been in the catering industry for over 25 years and have achieved an excellent reputation as caterers and entrepreneurs. They own a well-established restaurant in the Brighton South Lanes, Olé Olé Tapas Bar and Restaurant, trading since 2009. They have also engaged in a new project earlier this year, Don Olé, the only Spanish food specialist retailer in all of Sussex.  These two young entrepreneurs are achieving a great business trajectory through dedication and hard work.

"We are very excited about this project. We consider that Olé Olé shares the same view as BPS on feeding children in a healthy and consistent fashion and the direct impact that this has on their academic and personal life. This is a very exciting project for us as parents and caterers.  We understand the responsibility involved in teaching children about healthy and nutritional food and the direct impact that this will have on their life style and experiences."

"We are here to make a difference!!"

Karim Larbi
Olé Olé

Menus 2019-2020

The menus run in 3 week cycles starting with week 1 - w/c 09/09/18

September 2019 - Term 1

Menu 1 Sept 2019 Menu 2 Sept 2019Menu 3 Sept 2019

School Meal Sept 2019 – New arrangements with Parentmail

From September 2019 payments for school meals will only be accepted through our Parentmail payment system. Please ensure this is set up by the end of this term so you are ready to pay in September.

You will receive a notification in the Parentmail app to show the payment due and the due date each ½ term. Payments are ½ termly in advance and due on the first day of each ½ term (apart from Term 1 which is due on 01/09/2019 due to the new system and the need to produce numbers for the kitchen). Once you receive the notification you can navigate to the payment area and pay for your meal. If you need further help, please click on the link below.  https://www.parentmail.co.uk/help/parenthelp/payments/online-payments/


Changing Meal Options

To change your child’s meal option for September please email the office by 12/07/2019 (apart from Year 2 – Year 3 please see below)

Parents wishing to opt out of or into school meals will need to do so by giving 2 weeks’ notice by email prior to the end of any ½ term. If due notice is not given, the next ½ term cost of meals becomes due for payment as BPS is invoiced based on the numbers provided to our caterers at this point. 


Year 2 going to Year 3 only – September 2019

Please complete this digital form by 12/7/2019 to tell us if your child will have school meals or pack lunch in September.  https://forms.gle/6PzcJMC8Y2UHL2Hu6


Costs – Year 3 to Y6 only (Reception to Year 2 receive Universal Free Meals)

Below is listed the six school terms, number of school days in each and the amount due for school meals. The cost has gone up from £2.30 to £2.33 per meal. (please note that the Term 1 payment is due payable by Parentmail on 01/09/2019 but all other payments will be due the first day of term (shown in bold below)):


Term 1                  09/09/19 - 25/10/19       (35 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal = £81.55

Term 2                  05/11/19 - 20/12/19       (34 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal = £79.22

Term 3                  07/01/20 - 14/02/20       (29 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal = £67.57

Term 4                  24/02/20 - 03/04/20       (30 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal = £69.90

Term 5                  20/04/20 - 24/05/20       (24 school days excluding 1x BH) @ £2.33 per meal = £55.92

Term 6                  01/06/20 – 22/07/20      (38 school days) @ £2.33 per meal = £88.54

We hope that this arrangement will be easier to manage for parents with information given ‘up front’. Further information can be found on our website.  If you have any difficulties setting up Parentmail, please contact the school office as soon as possible, we are here to help you as we strive to become cashless.

Thank you for supporting our growing school.

Kind regards

Elaine Meredith

Business Manager



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