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School Meals

The Bilingual Primary School is currently offering an invitation to tender for catering services. For more information on this process, please see the Vacancies page on our website.

From January 2020 the school's catering provisions changed. Zebedees is supplying our meals until the end of the Summer term, 2020. They provide a wide range of nutritious meat, fish and vegetarian choices, with cultural dishes featured alongside established favourites and regional specialities.

Menus operate on a 3-weekly cycle and are changed twice a year, to ensure variety and a range of seasonal ingredients. Please see the menu details below.

The Zebedees social media pages are kept up to date with photos and recipe ideas, so parents can see the food being prepared and see exactly what goes into the dishes.

Please see the allergen information, or visit  https://zebedees.co.uk

Menus - January 2020 to Spring Half Term

Menu 1 & 2(1)Menu 3 & special(1)

Menus - 24th February to end of summer term

Menu 1 & 2 - Spring & Summer Menu 3 & special - Spring & Summer

Payment Information

Payments for school meals will only be accepted through our Parentmail payment system. 

You will receive a notification in the Parentmail app to show the payment due and the due date each ½ term. Payments are ½ termly in advance and due on the first day of each ½ term (apart from Term 1 which is due on 01/09/2019 due to the new system and the need to produce numbers for the kitchen). Once you receive the notification you can navigate to the payment area and pay for your meal. If you need further help, please click on the link below.  https://www.parentmail.co.uk/help/parenthelp/payments/online-payments/


Costs – Year 3 to Y6 only (Reception to Year 2 receive Universal Free Meals)

Below is listed the six school terms, number of school days in each and the amount due for school meals. The cost has gone up from £2.30 to £2.33 per meal. (please note that the Term 1 payment is due payable by Parentmail on 01/09/2019 but all other payments will be due the first day of term (shown in bold below)):


Term 1                  09/09/19 - 25/10/19       (35 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal = £81.55

Term 2                  05/11/19 - 20/12/19       (34 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal = £79.22

Term 3                  07/01/20 - 14/02/20       (29 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal = £67.57

Term 4                  24/02/20 - 03/04/20       (30 school days) @£ 2.33 per meal = £69.90

Term 5                  20/04/20 - 24/05/20       (24 school days excluding 1x BH) @ £2.33 per meal = £55.92

Term 6                  01/06/20 – 22/07/20      (38 school days) @ £2.33 per meal = £88.54

We hope that this arrangement will be easier to manage for parents with information given ‘up front’. Further information can be found on our website.  If you have any difficulties setting up Parentmail, please contact the school office as soon as possible, we are here to help you as we strive to become cashless.

Thank you for supporting our growing school.

Kind regards

Elaine Meredith

Business Manager


If you believe you meet the above criteria, you can apply for free school meals by contacting Brighton & Hove Council via their website: 


Pease note: the school cannot process free school meals applications, so you will have to apply directly the council. Once we receive notification from the council, we will contact you to confirm that your son/daughter has been set up for free meals at BPS. 

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