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To book your child a place please email: club1amigos@gmail.com  to request a booking form.

Spanish Club Amigos offers an exciting programme of planned activities with themed topics to boost confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. The activities are ideally suited for boosting emerging bilingual speakers as well as for children with no previous Spanish knowledge.The programme is uniquely designed to complement the topics and vocabulary learnt at BPS throughout the academic year. 

Please see the document below for all of the relevant information you need for booking a place at Club Amigos after Christmas. Thank you.

Please find attached the updated timetable for the club. We made some changes for the next term. Thank you very much.

Finally our Flamenco teacher has arrived in the country after a long visa process. We are opening flamenco for children Y2-Y6 on Monday please check our new time table.

In response to the survey and parents requests,  bookings will cover the whole last term of the academic year (April-July).

Bookings are taken next week 4-8th April 

Bookings will be made as usual: Email club1amigos@gmail.com and invoice will be sent for you.

Club Amigos Timetable

The following information is correct for November 2021 onwards:

  • Classes run Monday to Friday (Term time only) on site at BPS.
  • There are 2 sessions; 3.45pm-4.45pm and 5.00pm-5.45pm
  • Pick up time for first session is 4.45pm and second session 5.45pm
  • The fees are £7.50 per session. 
  • If two sessions are booked for the same day/same child, the second session will be charged at a reduced rate of £6.50
  • Meals and Snacks
    Participants are advised to bring their own water-based drinks and snacks to Club Amigos with their name clearly labelled. Please note that Club Amigos is a NUT-FREE ZONE. Any nut based products brought into the premises will be confiscated and returned to parents at the end of the day.

Spanish through Performing arts and Dancing - Dancing is a great opportunity for your little ones to get active and develop physical co-ordination skills, strength and concentration. The children will work towards preparing a small performance to be presented to parents/family at the End of Academic Year.

Spanish through Multi Sports Activities - Sports are great for children to learn fundamental life skills, like teamwork, goal-setting and hard work.   Outdoor and Indoor activities: running, jumping, athletics, football, basketball, tennis, cricket, baseball, etc.

Spanish through Art and CraftsChildren will learn about artists and create their own pieces of art inspired by them and the world around us. Children will learn different techniques, develop their skills and discover their own unique artistic style using skills such as composition, perspective, use of color, texture, shape, form and space.

Spanish through Crafts projects.  Knitting, Crocheting and Sewing are tremendously important skills for children to acquire and children will learn about texture, color, pattern and design . Crochet projects such as making a scarf for winter and flower decorations in spring etc. are recommended for children from Y4 upwards.

Spanish through Cookery -  Cultivate an appreciation for real ingredients, learn the value of planning and build maths skills. Cooking offers kids great opportunities to practice Spanish on things that are very familiar to them at home as well as using vocabulary related to their senses.

FLEXI-Activities - Spanish through: Roleplay and Film, Science and Experiments, Creative Building, Cooking, Reading, Cinema, Table games, Traditional games, Gardening and many more activities.

B.A. Academy Club (NOT RUN BY BPS)

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After School Club - THe Outdoors Project (not run by BPS)

Our After School Club for Summer Term is now on sale. 

Parents can book online through the website here - https://www.theoutdoorsproject.co.uk/brighton/ 

The Outdoors Project Summer Term

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