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Spanish at BPS

At the Bilingual Primary School, we have a balanced immersion programme where English and Spanish are valued equally throughout the day. We teach Spanish literacy daily as well as teaching some subjects such as art, DT, science and PE in Spanish.

Children at BPS are immersed in Spanish language throughout the day in their class and around the school. Our bilingual teaching assistants (TAs) speak to the children in Spanish, except when explaining English or maths work. All teachers speak Spanish as much as possible around the school - especially for organisational language in the classroom. Children respond in Spanish wherever possible and are encouraged to ask questions in Spanish.

Speech Bubbles

Year 2 – Science - How animals are adapted to their habitats

Spanish Literacy

Each year group has a Specialist Bilingual Teaching Assistant (SBTA) who teaches five Spanish literacy lessons per week. Our Spanish Literacy curriculum is linked to our termly topics and aims to support our topic based curriculum and help to embed knowledge. Our exciting curriculum supports children to learn new Spanish vocabulary and practise grammar through a wide range of engaging activities, such as games, role-plays and presentations. Children also have the opportunity to write in different genres and read both fiction and non-fiction texts. 


Year 4 – The Egyptians

El Sistema Solar 2

Year 5 – Space                                                                        

We use teacher assessment to measure progress and report attainment to parents. We look at the four language skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing. Our assessment system is linked to the Common European Framework (CEFR) to support assessment in year 6.

Causes and Consequences of Climate Change

 Year 6 - The Causes and Consequences of climate change

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