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Drop off and collection

Normal drop off times for all children: 8.55am to 9.10am:

  • The gate will open at 8.55am and children and parents can enter the playground from this time.
  • The school will take responsibility for children once they enter the school playground. We recommend that children up until the end of Y4 are brought into the playground so that parents can be assured they have arrived safely at school.

  • Parents of children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 can take their child directly to the classroom door. Children in Paraguay (Y2), who are based in an upstairs classroom, should be taken to the door of Costa Rica (Y2) where Señorita Jess will be there to meet them.

  • Children in Y3 & Y4 will enter via the small hall. 

  • Children in Y5 & Y6 will enter via the main school hall doors and make their own way up to their classrooms (by the bike shed).



The main gate will be opened at 3.10pm and parents will be able to walk round the school to their child's collection point

  • Reception, Y1 & Y2: 3:20pm
    Please collect children directly from their classroom doors.
    Children in Paraguay should be collected from the doors by Clase Bolivia. 
  • Y3 - Y6: 3.30pm
    Please collect children from their collection points:
    • Y3: Panama - from the playground stairwell at the far side of the p[ayground (the same as drop off). Y3: Cuba - from the class door of Costa Rica (Y2) & Y3: Argentina - from the class door of España (Y2).

    • Y4: Venezuela - from the class door of Boliva (Y1). Y4: Uruguay - from the class door of Mexico. Y4: Peru - from the class door of Guatemela.

    • Y5: Right hand door of the main school hall

    • Y6: Fire escape at the front of the school (by the bike shelter)

Early Collections

If there is an emergency and there is a change from the normal arrangements the school must be notified by 11.00am by email stating the child’s full name and class in the subject line. Later emails might not reach the teacher and will delay collection of your child.

If your child has an appointment and you need to collect your child early then the school will need to see proof of the appointment. This can be a photo of the appointment card or to see an email or text.  Again, the school must be notified by 1.1.00am by email stating the child’s full name and class in the subject line.

Walking to School

BPS promotes the council's initiative to encourage more families to walk to school. Please see our walking zone map below - if you live within these zones, please consider walking to school as part of your regular routine.

Walking Zones

Parking at collection/drop off times

The council has produced the following leaflet on parking safely in the city.

Park Safely Leaflet

All BPS families have committed to the Parking Pledge to help us maintain good relations with our local residents and with the council. All of our parents have agreed:

  • To ensure I/we do not access the school via the Droveway under any circumstances.
  • To arrange a car share with other parents whenever possible.
  • To park in designated areas around Hove Park and its surroundings.
  • To ensure my vehicle does not block the driveways of local residents.
  • Where possible, to support the School’s Travel Plan by allowing my child(ren) to participate in walk to school initiatives, scoot or cycle to school.
  • Where possible, to walk to school with my child(ren) to allow the development of road safety skills and/ or use public transport.
  • To take part in a ‘Park and Stride’ scheme so that I park 5, 10 or 15 minutes away from the school entrance and walk the rest of the way.

Thank you to everyone for signing the pledge and helping to keep our streets safe for our children.

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