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The Eco-council supports the whole school in developing their knowledge and environmental awareness. The committee is made up of children from each class from Y1 up to Y6. Children are on the council for a 2 year term, so that they can see their changes in action.

The children meet regularly to discuss various key topics such as: marine, biodiversity, energy, litter, waste, water, school grounds, healthy living, transport, and global citizenship. The children chose three key areas that we will focus on as a school: Water, Energy and Marine.

We have nearly completed our action plan that helps towards receiving the Bronze Award based on our key focuses. We hope to gain our Bronze award for the school next year, so watch this space!

Lost Property

Our lost property box is kept outside the front office for parents to access before and after school. When the box is full, parents will be given 1 week's notice before the box is emptied. We follow the following guidelines when deciding what to do with the contents:

RETURN - any named items will be returned to children

REUSE – any unnamed school uniform that we can use in school will be kept for children who need it in an emergency

RESELL – uniform that is in good condition and unnamed will be passed to the PTA for the second-hand sale. Non-school uniform, and any other items that are in good condition, will be taken to a charity shop

RECYCLE – clothing that is unnamed and not in good condition will be taken to a textile recycling point

REFUSE – any remaining items will be disposed of in the general waste

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